CRM & Information Systems Development

Do you have a heavily paper based system to manage your business?

Are you working from ineffective spreadsheets and word documents spread over many folders and internal systems?

Time poor and stretched to your limits?

Sounds familiar? Have you thought about a web based solution?

A web based solution is often seen as the answer for many of the business management issues that companies face today.

The use of a web based solution can help you bring all the elements of your business management together into one easy to use system. Smoothing out your work flow and making business users like yourself far more effective and efficient with their time.

My CRM and Information System Development Experience

In the past I have built systems to manage the following…

  • Pupil enrolment
  • Internal project management
  • Data collection
  • Processing from various external sources

All of these systems were built from scratch and therefore were all 100% bespoke to each of my clients needs.

When I create CRM and information systems for my clients I consider not just the use of the CRM or information system, but also how this system will be operated by members of your business. This ensures that the resulting CRM or information system has a good user flow for easy use.

Opting for a custom CRM or information system for your business can give your business the boost that it needs, freeing up your time for administration and paperwork so that you can concentrate on running and growing your business.


If you think that a cloud based CRM or information system would benefit your business then contact me today and we can discuss your individual business needs.

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